7 Undeniable Reasons To Buy a Poly Georgette Saree

Are you think of buying a poly georgette saree? Wait until you finish reading this! When it comes to fabric, there are endless choices available to you. Fun fact: Most of the fancy fabric names ultimately refer to the same material. The names are just to allure you, and most sell the same stuff at a higher price. Do you know which is the most popular, afforable, versatile and fancy fabric for Indian wear these days? It’s poly georgette. It is also why you must prefer a poly georgette saree instead of the other popular choices like chiffon, net, silk and cotton.

Why choose a poly georgette saree? 1. IT’S THE KING OF FABRICS Why do we call it the king? We have a full-fledged answer for this here.
2. IT DRAPES REALLY WELL What is a saree that does not drape well? It will be insanely tough to wear a saree that is difficult to drape. You see, the whole reason why a saree looks so graceful and elegant is because of how it is draped. When you talk of fabrics like cotton, you cannot really ex…

How To Choose A Perfect Saree For Your Body Type

Sareeis the quintessential Indian traditional wear, which women can carry off with great panache. Every woman can look good in this wonderful garment, provided she chooses the right material and drapes it well. So, here are some tips that will help you zero in on a saree, which will compliment your body type.

Women with pear-shaped body have a heavier bottom compared to their upper body. So, they should go for fabrics like chiffon and georgette, as these would balance out their upper and lower part. Always stay away from mermaid cuts that would add unnecessary attention to your lower part. Go for seedha pallu style in draping, as that will make your body look proportionate. Bold and bright colours will suit you the best. You can opt for beautiful borders, small prints and embroidery work.
If you are heavy around your bust and stomach, then you have an apple-shaped body (just like Kirron Kher). That is why you should opt for sarees with beautifu…

Top 5 Tips To Look Slim In Anarkali Suits

Look slim in Anarkali suits? Is that even possible? Aren’t they supposed to be fluffy and make you look chubby? NO. For the longest time, women have been told that Anarkali suits aren’t meant for fat women. Why so much of baseless information is being circulated around? It’s true that if you want to make yourself look slimmer, you cannot pick just any type of clothing and flaunt it. But chucking out something as awesome as Anarkali suits just like that isn’t fair. Dear reader, it’s entirely possible to look slim in Anarkali suits and today we’re going to tell you how.

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Yes! It’s pure science. If you want to look slim in Anarkali dresses, just keep reading all the points in a very thorough manner. You need concentration because it’s not a post about random fashion tips. It’s about you learning the science behind looking slim and implementing it for yourselves.
We’ll start from bot…

5 Ultimate Fashion Tricks To Look Slim And Gorgeous In Indian Wear

We all know about the love and desire that most women have for a slimmer body. And, since not everyone is blessed with a naturally slim figure, many of you make a lot of extra efforts to fulfil this desire of yours. You always eat right and hit the gym regularly so that you can look glamorous in anything you wear. But, what if even all this does not work in your favour? Well, probably your fitness regime will show the results a little later. But, till then you can try some really smart fashion tricks, at least with your Indian outfits to look slimmer and sexier. Yes! Dressing right with the Indian clothes can actually help you to camouflage the flab and look absolutely fab. So, here are those secret tricks that can help you achieve a slimmer look.

We suggest you to stay away from the body-hugging kurtas as they tend to lay more emphasis on your voluptuous body. Rather, you should opt for slightly loose ones. And, even when you wear loose kurtas, keep in m…

Useful Fashion Hacks Every Woman should Know

Discarding your favourite dress because it has a stain that doesn’t wash away or, not wearing your leather jacket because of creases on it is silly. We have some hacks up our sleeve that will come in handy in resolving these fashion problems we often face in everyday life. Here’s how to fix these at home without breaking a sweat. Use a hair straightener for ironing collars When you cannot find an iron, and spot a crease on your dress or shirt, your hair straightener can come to your rescue. Depending on the fabric, adjust the setting to low or high and then use it to iron out the crinkle. Hair straighteners work best for ironing collars as they get the creases out, and keep them stiff and in shape. Remove yellow sweat stains this way Often, a white top can have a yellow patch due to a sweat stain. But you can get rid of this with the help of lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of a lemon in a spray bottle and spray it on the yellow stain. Allow it to stay for 10 minutes and then put it for …

10 Common Fashion Terms and Their Meaning

If fashion jargon is something you don’t really understand, start here by learning these common words and terms that will up your game the next time you catch up with your fashionista friends.
This term is French for high sewing or high dressmaking and often refers to exclusive designer creations. The exclusivity comes from the fact that haute couture outfits are constructed by hand from start to finish. Couture is always limited edition and is more expensive than ready-to-wear garments. They are also custom-made according to the wearer’s size. A good example of a couture outfit would be the Cinderella-esque gown wore by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at this year’s Cannes festival.
The term fashion label refers to upcoming designers who make ready-to-wear outfits in limited numbers. These outfits are high on style and are often expensive than regular store garments but lesser than established designer wear. The difference between a label and a brand is that the latter has …

Au Courant Tunic Tops, Kurtis & Kurtas Your Wardrobe Needs

Women’s tunic tops have emerged as a favorite new trend in the last few years. These versatile and comfortable fashion garments can be worn for a wide variety of occasions and easily meld into different fashion sensibilities, making them the preferred casual wear garment of choice for many women across the world. In fact, tunics for women can come in all different styles, from casual and semi-casual to more dressy and/or formal. These can then be worn even at office, for parties or any special occasions. These stylish garments are descended from the traditional Greek tunics, which were worn by men, though today the design has evolved to resemble a long top, generally with a flowing silhouette, worn predominantly by women. The Indian versions are called ladies’ kurtis. Fashion tunics meant for parties and other such occasions frequently come with daring necklines like deep neck, halter neck, key hole neck and deep v-neck as well as more sophisticated styles like collar neck, cowl neck…